No on Eight

All the hate that is easy to see at this time of the year, gets me down.

It is more than the Proposition 8 (California) it’s all of it, both sides are guilty of it.

We get pretty used to Ann Coulter and Rush Linbaugh, and it is easy to see them for what they are

– hate mongers –

Some of the others are harder to see, and a thinking mind sometimes wants to see if what some of the things people say have any truth to them, and how much does it matter.

Somethings might be true, but when you present things in such a hateful manner, you lose any chance of persuading anyone to listen to you.

Some of these hateful people take great pleasure in taking things out of context and using your own words against you. That too is just hate mongering.

My boss, is a republican, and we try to talk about things every now and then. And some of the things I hear from him might have a bit of truth in them.

But I also see that his actions are mostly driven by a ” Me First ” mentality, and that is what I feel is the truth about most republicans.

I really do believe that, all of society would be better off if things were easier for everyone, and just not the few who inherit money or a position. My boss likes to talk about about how hard he works, but that is not what I see, he would not make it working for someone else.

He has not worn the shoes of the other guy.