and the reign of George the IV is over…

We hope for a return to Democracy, and all the things that America used to stand for.

I hope that Obama wins, that we can return to a discussion, a dialogue of what America needs. That we learn to reach out and find our common ground.

I hope the tradition of America respecting the rights of the individual allows Proposition 8 – the “Hate” Proposition to go down in defeat.

But if we lose that one, we will win in the end, for when Obama wins, and he gets to appoint a Supreme court Justice or two, it is my belief that they will not allow the majority to take away the rights of the few.

With all the outrage going on let us look at the definition of Marriage from Wikipedia

If you read all that, you might note that some people wish to add or make dominate, their own religious views, and strike out anything that does not conform to their own views.

I guess at the end of it all, despite what anyone might say, that though the bulk of marriage is between a man and a woman (and that would be so, because most people are straight, duh) that Marriage is fluid, and reflects the values of the society which wherein they are based.

And that most of the time marriage had been used to confer ownership of the female by the male.

People tend to forget that in the Western World, we no longer think of women as property, and that is a redefinition of marriage.

Now that the Supreme Court of California has said that;

” These core substantive rights include, most fundamentally, the opportunity of an individual to establish — with the person with whom the individual has chosen to share his or her life — an officially recognized and protected family possessing mutual rights and responsibilities and entitled to the same respect and dignity accorded a union traditionally designated as marriage.

As past cases establish, the substantive right of two adults who share a loving relationship to join together to establish an officially recognized family of their own — and, if the couple chooses, to raise children within that family — constitutes a vitally important attribute of the fundamental interest in liberty and personal autonomy that the California Constitution secures to all persons for the benefit of both the individual and society.

Furthermore, in contrast to earlier times, our state now recognizes that an individual’s capacity to establish a loving and long-term committed relationship with another person and responsibly to care for and raise children does not depend upon the individual’s sexual orientation, and, more generally, that an individual’s sexual orientation — like a person’s race or gender — does not constitute a legitimate basis upon which to deny or withhold legal rights. “