what an exciting weekend, I worked. Well just 4 hours, I was finishing up my year-end stuff, printing out support schedules and trial balances, income statements, exciting stuff.

Then I went home, stopped at Taco Bell for lunch, (2) Double Decker Taco Supremes, they are my favorites…

We then loaded up the truck with our old Dining room chairs, and took them to Face to Face, along with some clothes…

Relaxed a little, played DarkOrbit for awhile, checked on my stocks (another game), took the dog for a walk, and then made dinner. Nothing extraordinary there, I just barbecued some chicken, made Macaroni & Cheese.

Watched some TV and headed to bed,

Sunday, Church and looked at some new houses, lit a fire and relaxed in front of the fireplace most of the afternoon, barbecued some steak, sauteed carrots with some broccoli. and that was about it.