the will of the people, has not always been right

The setup of our government was thought about and debated, and we decided upon three branches of a co-equal government, because;

Sometimes the majority is wrong, sometimes the majority does not care about the rights of a minority, this is exactly why the Supreme Court is not subject to recall.

This is why at state level, a Supreme Court Justice may be recalled, but does not run against another candidate.

That the Third and Equal Arm of the Government may feel free to say, to the both the Executive Branch and the Legislative branch and the People, that they are wrong, that the law that they just passed into law, is in fact a violation of the Constitution.

Now I’m not a scholar, I just read a lot. But most of the people, crying that 4 black robed fanatics, imposed their will upon the state, are not really thinking about what they in fact wrote.

They said that the basic rights that each individual has, in fact ALREADY gave the right for Gays to marry, and that the laws (Prop 22) prohibiting gay marrige was unconstitutional.