We went and looked at a house to rent, we don’t need to move, but it would be nice to have more “outside” space.

The place we are looking at is in Guerneville, and is just an amazing space, it has two bedroom and a outside room that would use as an office/ art studio.

I think I would spend more time on the bike, just a nice ride from downtown, well downtown Gurneville is not very big, but it would be fun to ride to town for a drink if they let me bring my bike in.

We have to go see this week to see if our dining room will fit inside, that’s the determining thing.

Sunday, we drove to Corte Madera, for some holiday shopping, but we didn’t buy much, just some ornaments.

Sunday night, I made for dinner, Mac and Two Cheeses, with pannied chicken.

It was good, but it is a little expensive for mac & cheese, the pannied chicken I need to work on, Cowboy cooked that while I watched, I want to add that the things I am able to cook, once I learn it right I’ll add to the recipe file.