Recently I have discovered that my younger brother, the “christian” one, who had a nice wedding reception at his church, with many guests and gifts, was in fact never married.

Anger & hurt as words cannot justify what I’m feeling, I’m trying get my head around the “why”.

Why do the “christians” preach one thing and do another?

Why did he and his wife (who is not his wife) do what they did?

Now, there is more back story to this story, it does not explain it or condone it, but I wonder if it in some way changes or should change what I think.

I have 3 brothers & two sisters (same Mom & Dad) 1 step sister (Dad’s second wife, the one I call mom, because she came into my life when I was 6) and 2 half brothers (biological Mom’s two children after divorce with Dad) and then of course the step sisters & brother from Dad’s third marriage, but they are not part of this story.

My mom (biological) had to be committed when I was 4 years old, (paranoid schizophrenia), after she was released from the hospital (10 years?) she had two more children, with different men. My younger brother is one of these children, and they were both raised in foster homes. I did not meet him until about 5 years ago.

Did his childhood, lack of family ties have something to do with this deception?
He also has six kids with five different women, and not one of these is the one that he was “married” to. Is he crying out for something? Or is it that he just cant keep it in his pants?