I usually don’t like talking about work, but sometimes it just gets to me… so here goes… the names have been changed to protect the idiots…

So I’m sitting at my desk talking to a customer, the phone rings, as we have other people working here and answering machines on each line I let it ring, it rings once or twice, I’m not paying that much attention.

So after the customer leaves, Smarty (not his real name) comes in and asks who was on the phone. I reply “I don’t know, I didn’t answer it”

Smarty then says “Was it Snod” (not his real name). I reply ” I don’t know, I didn’t answer it”

Smarty then says, “Well who was it” I reply “I don’t know, I didn’t answer the phone. Ask the person who did”

Smarty then says, “Well you had to answer it because I didn’t”. I reply “Well, I didn’t answer the phone, so I don’t know who was on it. Ask somebody else!”
(actually I think it was a cell phone that got dropped)
Snod (not his real name) comes into my office and asks ” Why is that person parking there” (a parking spot in front of the office) ” I reply ” Probably because it is a parking spot”

These are the kinds of things that happen to me, so I end up saying to myself, “I need to get a different job”.