at long last I’ve picked mine up again…

It is time to get back to that little rule that I had have…. 5 minutes a day

I get discouraged sometimes, because up to a point it turns out exactly the way I think it should, but then I’m afraid to go on, that I might ruin it.

Fear, fear is what keeps us from many things, fear of success, fear of failure, but what we fear we can not allow to keep us from our hearts desire…

Many people say I can’t paint, or I cant write or I can’t ….., well if that is what you believe then that is true.

Maybe you don’t have experience in getting your fingers to draw what you envision in your mind, that takes practice.

It takes times to discover how the brush actually works, how the paint works, what it will and won’t do.

It takes time to discover how to get around those limitations realities, to learn how far you can stretch the medium.

It is the same for any creative venture, writing, gardening, in each of them we must learn how the medium works… in writing it helps to learn the rules of grammar, and when to bend them or discard them.

We must learn the willingness to listen to our inner truth,and say to ourselves does the character really feel that way?, would he act in that way?

If you take the time to listen, and learn from your inner voice, you can do what you will.