Do you try to look hot when you go to the grocery store in case one of your readers recognizes you? Well I don’t expect my readers to recognize me, since I live in a small town and my closest reader lives at least 60 miles away, but I like to look hot.

Are your photos photoshopped? Nope, though I do try to color out some of the grey in real life.

Do you like it when creeps or crazies email you? I have enough spam without crazies.

Do you lie in your blog? I don’t lie, but most of my blog is what is on my mind, the thoughts tend to be my “higher” thoughts, I try not to express hate, for I feel it only makes it grow.

Do you ever threaten to quit writing so people will tell you not to stop? no

Are you passive aggressive in your blog? Nope, and not too much in real life, though I am once in awhile.

Are you in therapy? If not should you be? I was in therapy, and I probably should be in therapy, but I’m not that fond of it, the time it takes out of my life stresses me.

Do you delete mean comments? Do you make up nice ones? I don’t make up nice ones, and I haven’t got any mean ones, spam ones, I just delete.

If readers knew you in person, would they like you more or less? I think they would like me more if they got a chance to know me, I do take awhile to open up, so sometimes people who see me, but don’t know me, think I’m a snob.

Have you ever “rubbed out” while reading a blog? After? If I went to read a porn blog, it was for a reason, otherwise, blogs that have pretty pictures I will save them in order to study the features to better my painting. (that’s what I tell myself)

Do you have a job? Yes I have a job, and it is not as hard as my last job.

If you were offered a full time salary to blog full time would you do it? Yes.

Which blogger do you want to meet in real life? All of them

What bloggers have you made out with? None, but I have made out with some of my cyclist friends.

Do you act like you have more or less money than you really do? In real life or on the blog? Probably that I have more money than I do (in real life), I make 40% of what I used to, and I have still having troubles adjusting, also it does not help that I have many trappings of wealth that were gifts, such as a bike that cost more than 3 normal bikes.

Does your family read your blog? Not this one, this is my secret blog where I can let it all hang out.

How old is your blog? this one is only a few months old, but I have been blogging for 5 years now.

Do you get more than 1000 page views a day? Nope, this is a new one, and I

Do you have a second blog where you write about being depressed, sluttish, or where you lie? This is my second blog, and here is where I write my secrets

Have you ever given another blogger money? No, though I sometimes send a present or two.

Do you report the money you earn on your blog? I do not earn money on my site.

Is blogging narcissistic? I don’t feel that it is, it can be, but most of time, it just seems like an online diary, however some people use it as ” LOOK AT ME, AREN’T I BRILLIANT”, then it is.

Do you have blog enemies? I don’t think I have enemies, though I have had people drop my blog from their blogroll, and I have been known to do the same when I tire of reading that same old hate.

Are you lonely? Sometimes I am lonely, but I am more of a loner than lonely.

Why bother?Why bother blogging, or reading blogs? I like being able to have a place to but my thoughts down on paper so to speak, and to have chance for a bit of interaction, in the same way I like going to read about other peoples lives, get a glimpse into how their thinking.