well, getting close certainly…

but for us last night was Secret Santa Night, here in Sonoma County, they do a fundraiser that helps buy gifts for those in need, small gifts, to large, sometimes just a coat or gas card to help someone out, all the way to paying the rent for a month.

This year we decided to take our normal Christmas budget and share half of it with the Secret Santa Fund.

We went to a local merchant and picked five hearts from the giving basket, bought gifts, and wrapped them back up and took them back to the merchant.

I get a little depressed (that we can’t fill a tree, full of gifts for them), but Cowboy assures me that, when you have very little, getting gifts like this means so much.

We also do this thing on Christmas morning, where we go and feed the hungry, and I get depressed then as well, about simple things that we take for granted, that are so much appreciated by those in need…

Like a fresh orange, instead of one that has been pulled off the shelves of a grocery store.

After we get done doing these things, I feel sad, that I have not been more grateful for all that I have, for all that I have has not been more appreciated.

and I count my blessings