Change a flat tire. Sure, If I need to, however it gets my nails dirty, I can also change a tread on a tank if needed.

Carve a turkey. I can carve a turkey, but I like advanced warning, so I can think about it before hand.

Open a bottle of champagne. Yes, I’m very good at this, and also know how to get a cork out of a bottle of wine, without a corkscrew.

Change the car oil. Well, yes, I can but it is so much easier to have it done by the car shop next door, and they usually do it for free, because they like me, and sometimes need a truck.

Can recommend a good barber. This is very hard to me, as the barber connection is one that you make or don’t, it is possible to get a barber that will cut your hair well, but you may not like who they are.

Tie a bowline, clove hitch, and a square knot. Nope, but once a friend taking algebra (in school) asked me for help, and I said “I don’t know anything about algebra”, and she replied that I do algebra all the time, and then she gave me examples, so maybe I can, Grandpa taught me some things.

Chop wood. I have chopped wood, and it is a lot more work that one might think, and it is very boring.

Shoot a rifle. I’m an expert marksman, and have shot a machine gun, Gatling gun, and a low altitude short range missile.

Make a dry Martini. I like to drink.

Keep a checkbook balanced. Well, yes I can, but the personal one I leave to Cowboy, I get enough of balancing credits & debits at work.

BBQ. Yes, I can bbq, and I can put it together to, when you need to buy a new one.

Lay a fire. In a fireplace yes, start one from scratch, ah, no, but I’m going to practice before I go on Survivor, the Gay version.

Change a fuse. House or Car?, yes I can change fuses, lights, electrical outlets, faucets, sheet rock.

Polish shoes. Spit shine anyone?

Read and understand stock quotes. Yes, but not as much as I want to.

Keep score at a baseball game. Nope. Never needed to.

Jump start a car. Yes, I’ve had to do that in the past.

Know how to throw a punch. It is best to not get involved in fights. And I have not been involved in enough of them that I can say I know how to fight.

Own a tux. No, but I want one. ADD it to my Christmas list, now I just need a place to wear it.

Know how to judge a new wine. Does it taste good to me? That’s all I need, but I did take a class once.

Do your own taxes at least once in your life. I do the taxes for three companies & one trust.

Know how to play poker. I can play poker, 21, Hearts, Spades, I enjoy playing cards, but I don’t remember how to play pinochle.

Carry a handkerchief. Sometimes.