(written by someone else)
Western Medicine sees the world scientifically and countable, so they focus on the balance of calories, fat % and repetitions.

Eastern Medicine sees the body as an energy system with the focus on the balance of Yin-Yang, stimulation of the body’s meridians and re-balancing the body’s chakras, organs and elements, to return to optimum function.

Both are complimentary, so you do both. Caloric Balance is simply making sure your diet intake = expenditure to keep your body shape constant.

If you exercise vigorously and you expend many calories, ensure then that you replenish those from taking in food calories. Over consumption without any exercise leads to caloric gain or fat. Under consumption without exercise leads to weight loss, especially muscle mass.

If you’re fat % is already too high, simply follow an exercise plan where you are burning calories (weights and/or cardio) and together with diet calorie restrictions, you will soon create a negative caloric balance resulting in general fat % reduction.

If you are underweight with little muscle, simply add resistive weight training to build muscle strength. Ensure that you consume proteins to build the muscle during repair. Carbs can also assist in providing much needed glucose to the muscles when they are exercising.

Most of you already know the above.

Let’s take an introductory look at the Chinese Medicine (and Japanese Shiatsu) system. Yin-Yang Balance ensures that your body’s energy system is brought back into balance through the stimulation of pressure points, located on the body itself. The body contains 12 organs of function, which connect the pressure points into the 12 meridians.

The premise of the way the Chinese started practicing, is completely based in science. They simply followed an observable fact (which is process Western Science also uses) that when pressure is applied onto a specific point of a person, a certain result occurs.

Later the science was woven into a system, which is now collectively called Chinese Medicine. Everyday life is grouped into the 5 Elements, although its best to remember that these are more symbolic than real elements: Water -> Wood -> Fire -> Earth -> (Water)

The elements form a circular cycle of creation and control.

Creation Example: Water feeds Wood
Control Example: Water controls Fire (each controls the next element beyond)

Each element has 2 “virtual” body organs associated with it one for Yin (passive) and one for Yang (active). The only exception is Fire, which has 4 “organs”. With a bit of Math: 2 organs * 4 (elements) + 4 organs (Fire) = 12, thus creating the 12 meridians. Each side of the body also has that meridian, which means there are actually 12 left (yin) and 12 right (yang) meridians.

The principle is quite simple – all points have a specific function and when stimulated in Yin or Yang methods can increase/decrease that function to affect the behavior of the energy system. This means that through active intervention you can enable the body to return to balance.

Example: If you get hot easily and your mind is racing, then active stimulation (held pressure, or needle) of the [Heart 3] point will calm your mind and cool your body down.

The location of this point is as follows: Bend your elbow, now locate the point about 2-3 finger widths up from your “funny” bone toward the center of your folded arm — this is usually where the skin fold ends. When you apply finger pressure here (use your thumb) and hold it, you will feel a rather funny sensation.

This is the pressure point being stimulated and it will soon cool you down quickly. You have to remember to do the other side as well to keep things in balance.

If you are interested in all this, you can simply contact your nearest Shiatsu and/or Acupuncture practitioner. The theory behind both are based on Chinese medicine, just the method of application is different.

An understanding of your basic elements and their functions can also lead you to understand your body type.

Human beings are all completely unique and therefore we all have a unique set of parameters that determine our body and metal state.

Training programs do not take this into account, as they tend to assume that all physical matter reacts identical to the same stimulus.

Consider your own thoughts, your body’s responses to food, exercise types and the speed at which you perform tasks. All these will create a more complete picture of what you’re all about.

Then add the training programs and diet plans as “supplements” to your life. Only then can you build a whole person, where who you are and what you eat and how you exercise is combined to form YOU.

One of the key factors that is forgotten is this: We are all creators in our daily lives and creating a body is no different. Most Body Builder books will explain that they use visualisation as a master tool to see themselves complete even before they have begun.

This is just another way of saying TRUST.

We trust that we are able to create the body we desire. If any doubt slips in we are derailed from our path. So, TRUST is a key aspect to start any project, whether its work, life, health or any aspect of your life.

Once you trust yourself to get to the end-result, you will get there! TRUST be with you all!