This year we did go out to the River and celebrate, and I must be getting older because it wasn’t as much fun as it was in the past.

Maybe partly because we were so disappointed in dinner. We went to the Village Inn, yeah the same one that Bing Crosby did the Christmas movie at, but though the food is normally quite good, it was not up to its usual standards this night.

It was a Price Fixed menu, which can be a good deal if you are in the mood to eat a bunch, but we did not want to eat that much, and the price dd not include any wine.

It was entirely too much food, the steak was cold, and nothing was really exciting about the food. They did decorate the tables and provide party hats, but they would have been better off to make sure the food was good.

So that was disappointing, when we got to the bars, (all three of them, is the River dieing?) we had a nice time but we were not in the mood to drink much with being so full from dinner. We rented a room so if we drank we would not have to drive back home.

It was nice to see friends, but I think next year if we go out, we will go to the city, and see a different set of friends.

Today is Cowboys birthday, but he has to work, has class, and his father is prepping for heart surgery (tomorrow), so yesterday I made him his birthday dinner.

We started out with Bread and Cheese skewers barbecued until the cheese melted, followed by shrimp that was marinated in tequila & lime, served with a white wine.

Then I made him roasted asparagus, wrapped in prosciutto and Parmesan cheese, four cheese mashed potatoes, and Fillet Mignon with a Fresh Blackberry & Cabernet wine reduction sauce.

For dessert, I made chocolate puff pastries with Ghirardelli chocolate.

He will open the rest of his presents tonight.