I was thinking about Proposition 8, and why it passed. Why gay marriage threatens the Church so much.

After after much thought, I think it is because the whole process of coming out, of realizing who you are threatens the authority of the Church.

Why is that?, well because the coming out process forces one to look at yourself honestly, and it makes you realize that what you are being told by the church and by authority figures is wrong. That the coming out process makes you realize that so many thing you are being told about “things” are not about truth, but about control.

That being ” Honest ” is not what the church wants, though they proclaim that, what they want is control over your thoughts and your money.

Now I’m not saying that all churches are bad, or that you cannot find hope, help and compassion inside a church. What I am saying is that if you are honest, you have to realize what a church is (most of the time) A place for fellowship of like minded people, and a place that is all too human, with the same problems that human organizations have.

It is all too easy to choose not to think, and to blindly follow what someone tells you, and when we come out, most of us agonize and wrestle what sometimes we do not want to admit.

But in the end, we are honest with who we are and that changes us, and how we look at life. That said, it must also be said that that does not make us better than anyone else, it just means that most of time we are willing to listen to other points of view to entertain that what people have said is truth might not be so.

That the big “moral ” delima in life, are not about morality, but more about honesty, am I honest about who and what I am, am I honest about what I want, am I honest about my relationship with other people.

Am I honest in my thinking, about how I judge what other people do and say.

Am I honest in my public life, do I say one thing and do another in my private?

This is what scares the authorities, for they want to preach to others, to control them and in private do whatever it is they want.

And though gay people, like most people have challenges in their own personal life for honesty and integrity, most of the time we do not tell people what the truth is we tend to let people discover their own personal truth for themselves.

We tend to believe that coming up short of someone else’s ideals is not the end, that it is just the beginning of discovering our own truth.