so I have discovered RSS, it is very easy to use, and much more convenient, however since I don’t comment much in the first place, how will people know that I have been reading about them?


I have also discovered twitter, will I use it? don’t know, maybe a little

I have been having a bad day, my eyes (I wore my contacts today) have not settled down, and things have been fuzzy all morning, so much that I drove home to get my glasses.

Normally I bring a pair with me, but I have been seeing so well with my contacts that I put them in before I got to work.

Yes that is a bad day for me, normally what I consider problems, are my co-workers asking me about things like…

1) example – a packet talking about workers compensation information and their rights was given to them, and rather than them reading it, they will ask me if we are changing our medical coverage? and I will ask them if they read the packet, and of course they didn’t.

not really much to complain about , but I try