It was Polar Bear Weekend, up here at the River, and though I did go out one night, I just was not in the mood to be out that much.

Cowboy was away for the weekend, and I had a short bike ride on Sunday, so it was mainly sit in front of the TV and watch stupid shows.

One of them (but it wasn’t one of the stupid ones) was actually about Polar Bears, global warming, how the ice is melting and making it harder for the Polar Bears to survive. I enjoyed that a lot.

I went out Friday night to the Triple R, paid 10 bucks to get in and saw some friends, the 10 bucks was to cover the cost of the show as well as raise money for charities, I was not interested in the show, so just stood around in the bar sipping tequila, and talked to friends.

One guy was hitting on me was pretty cute, but he had the worst breath, and he said we only had two hours to get it on, as his boyfriend was due there in a couple of hours. So I passed.

After I awhile I headed to the Rainbow, where I saw an old friend, that I had not seen in awhile, they said they did not recognize me without my beard, I said “oh its still there, it is just gray now” and so he felt my face and then put on his glasses. Ahh, we’re getting older.

The funny thing is my beard is getting grayer, but my hair is still pretty dark, what I hate the most is my nostril hair is gray, and so that means I have to pluck those like crazy.

The Sunday ride was in beautiful weather, abut since it was my first ride of the season, I coughed like crazy, so much that some friends said that they thought I didn’t smoke, I laughed and said I don’t, just had not been on the bike in awhile.

It was a nice fast and short ride, so I was home early, thought I wasn’t tired but I fell asleep on the couch. So Cowboy said, he’d take me out to dinner instead of me cooking Beef Stroganoff like I planned.

I’ll make it Tuesday instead. I’m going to make broccoli soup tonight.