My mother died ten years ago this month. and after all this time, it does not hurt as much, it did however take a while for it to get to this point.

At the five year point, when another friend’s mom died (in March), my un-faced grief somehow built up to a point where I had to see a counselor, and get some pills to help me relax.

I had buried my grief inside and never expressed how much my mom had meant to me, but also I never knew how my mom had treated some of my brothers and sisters. and that each of us, no matter how close we are or think that we think the same, have different perspectives.

Well, I am reminded of this because, over the last few days, I have had friends, some close, some casual, lose one of their parents.

My heart goes out to them. and I wish there was someway to ease their hearts.

However there is no way to ease someones heart when they lose a parent, all you can do is be there, let them vent if they need to, maybe share some things that you went through (without doing a one-up-man-ship type of thing) and if you knew the parents, share one of your fondest memories.