so these days we have universal access to the internet and everyone feels free to comment on everything.

so everyone does… which gives you…

people who don’t “read”, who don’t try to understand a different point of view, people who just making comments, comments that don’t really address the issue, it becomes mostly just a place for haters of all types to spew their garbage…

and some of it is real garbage…

of course the real damage is what it does to your own mental state of mind. you start to believe that everyone hates you.

and along the way, people forget the real facts, people forget that most people are just one accident away from being out on the streets, they think that because they have a job, and they have health insurance, that they are covered.

my boss thinks that he is safe, but he forgets that he drives a company truck, and that the insurance, gas, and the truck are all company paid, and if the company went away so would those things.

yes maybe his house is paid for, but if he had no company insurance, just one heart attack, the house would be gone.

it sort of makes me laugh, but it makes me cry at the same time, when people talk about, how it is “class warfare”, because we are talking about raising the taxes on the rich, and they talk about how the rich pay 40% of all the taxes and neglect to mention that they make 60% of all the wealth. it seems to me if you make 60% of all the wealth then you should pay 60% of the taxes (i’m not sure of the figures)

for example, I pay taxes, Social Security and medicare on all of my wages, but my boss makes 1.5 times than I do, at some point he stops paying taxes on the money above a certain threshold.

he might pay more dollar wise, but percentage wise, he pays less that I do on the total portion, he might make the case that he pays more income tax than I do, but he gets to write off more than i do, so he actually pays less, and he does not have the expense of a car or insurance or gas, or clothes, because the company pays for all of his.

they think that all the others folks, the ones with no job, no money, are the cause of their own plight, and maybe some of them are, but sometimes the “rules” get in the way.

I once had an employee that was caught in the trap that if she made too much money, the state would take away her state sponsored child care, but how to you get from point A to C without going through point B? She was not trained enough for me to pay her more, yet if she worked long enough for me to train her, and I gave her incremental raises, she would lose the child care and then not be able to stay and work until she got trained enough so she could afford it.

it sort of makes me laugh, but it makes me cry at the same time, when people talk about, how we are becoming a socialist state, just because Obama wants to fix the broken health system.

every issue is complicated, but calling each other names and putting walls does not help.

my boss, i’m sure you figured out by now is republican, and whenever we start to get into some argument at work, I tell him he has valid points and we all need to sit down at a table and work it out, for some reason that shuts him up…

i think sometimes he just wants to hang on to the drama, and i think that is what the commenters are doing as well