so I’m talking to a friend about our first experience with Porn…

well, that is not how we actually got on the subject, but we somehow we got on the subject of 8mm film and movie projectors.

Which instantly gave me a flashback, and I swear I have not thought of this until now.

and I had to relate to him that when I was very young and naive, I did not know about, let alone how to coax the man juice out, that I discovered the next door neighbors porn collection.

It was on 8mm projector film – and they had a projector – I figured out how to set it up and would watch it in their closet (I could not find the screen)

I had already discovered that if you held the vacuum hose up against the front part of your pants while you vacuumed it felt really good

So I set up the film projector and vacuumed their closet floor.

It was a good two weeks.