get your minds out of the gutter…

I went for a 45 mile bike ride on the Mountain Bike, only 3,ooo feet of climbing, I know for you hard core bikers that ain’t much at all. But I was on a mountain bike, and you were probably on your climbing road bike.

By the time I was done, I sure was wishing that I had rode it instead.

But I decided that I need to give myself a work out, so I rode the Mountain bike, it was tough and rough, and maybe I think I need to do it more often, ride the mtn bike that is. That way I can do short little rides, and still get in the workout on my legs that I need.

Where did we go you ask? Well we rode from Sebastapol to Occidental then over Coleman Valley Rode to the Coast, then north, turning east at highway 116, to Ride into Duncan mills for lunch, boy was I hungry… What no tuna fish, well okay Turkey & cheese then.

Then we rode back up the road from Duncan Mills to Occidental

45 miles – it took all day – well to 5pm