Cowboy’s step-sister passed away last night.

and after we got the call, the world seem to stop. Not that we were shocked, for it was expected, she had stage 4 ovarian cancer.

but there seemed to be a silence that was going on, we were just watching TV, but Cowboy seemed lost in thought while he was watching TV, he didn’t laugh in the usual places.

He wasn’t close, and he feels no need to go over there, I think there is a reluctance to go over there, because even in the easy times, that part of the family finds enough drama in the most mundane things, such as… “isn’t this best pie you have ever eaten, I can’t tell you the recipe because it is secret, but isn’t this the best pie, I’m such a good cook, don’t you think so?”

You watch TV and you see that after someones dies, the whole town drops by and is supportive. but that isn’t real life, is it?

Death, whether you are directly effected or not brings up such issues, when you hear about it. What to say or do, how to go about it, sometimes issues that relate to our own experiences with death, or even issues about our own fears.

What might be considered weird, is that Cowboy is taking a class, and this week the project was to write your own eulogy.

So Monday night, Cowboy dressed up like he was going to a memorial, went to class and read his self-written eulogy to his class, it got me thinking, what would I want written about myself when my time is done?