From Sunday Stealing

1. How did you come up with your blog title OR what does it mean?
Lets see I’m a gay Man – hmm – Oh baby, baby… Just Drill N Hammer me, or I’m gonna Drill N Hammer you so hard!

2. What are your general goals for blogging? Just thoughts as they strike, some at 3 am, some from reading other blogs or comments.

3. Do people “in your real life” know that you blog and do they comment on your blog OR is it largely anonymous? Most of my family does not know about this blog, they get a tamer version
How often do you post (x per week)? no goals, maybe once a week or 7 days a week if it strikes me. Damn Facebook!

4. How often do you read other blogs (x per week)? Every day, I have a reader now, it is so much easier, though I do miss the comments. (on other blogs)

5. How do you select blogs to read (do you prefer blogs that focus on certain topics or do you choose by tone or…?)
I click through on blogs I like, and see if I can agree with their tone, then I add them to my reader if I like reading them, I try to get different points of view, but I do not like “hate”.

6. Do you have any plans to copy your blog entries in any other format, 0r do you think that one day, you’ll just delete it all? I hope to just keep it.

7. What are the things you like best about blogging?
The ability to write what I want at any time, so that I can go back to sleep.

8. What are the things you don’t like about blogging?
How people, can get all worked about stuff that just isn’t that important.

9. How do you handle comments? Comments?

10. Do you have any burning thoughts to share on blog etiquette? if you don’t like the (a) blog, stop reading it

11. Any desired blog features?
Well, I guess I’m just to lazy to add some of the ones I want.

12. Have you suffered blog addiction?
yes, I must admit it, I suffer from it.