Yeah, yeah yeah, I know, nothing new to post, well thats just where I am right now. to tell you the truth I’ve been busy…

My partner’s mom/dear friend, (not really his mom, but she is sort of adopted, he has known her for 30 years, and is his first partners mom, he died of Aids), she was in car accident three weeks ago, and he has been there every other day to take care of doctors, lawyers, and her other business, so he has been busy, I go with him on the weekends.

She is in rehap now, and is healing faster that the doctor expected, so that is all good, but it is stress full on Cowboy.

We are getting settled in our new house, but that also takes work, and I am dealing with other personal issues that I want to put behind me soon, and be done with (The Bookstore still), who knew that I would be dealing with stuff 7 years after going out of business.

I started a new painting to get back into my art, I have a easel setup now, and am no longer painting in the bathroom, the new painting is a landscape, it is different for me, I am happy with it so far.

When I get a few minutes I also play small worlds on the Facebook account, kinda stupid, but I like it (and it doesn’t cost)