Facebook and Twitter has killed blogging, well not really, but it is so much easier to just go on Facebook and waste hours of time, just reading little snippets of what is going on in peoples lives than to actually go to their blogs and read a more in depth comments.

But now I find myself feeling more disconnected by the whole Facebook experience… I’m not getting to actually read more of the thoughtful things that are displayed when one takes time to read these blogs of people you have never met, but call friends.

Therefore I have decided that I have reached information overload, I am going to cut back on my Facebook time, blog more, and cut back on some of the blogs that I get in my reader… right now, I find I have so many of those, that I don’t have time to read them all anyway.

I also intend to blog more, I find that it does serve something useful for me, that it gives a place to not vent, but a place that serves to help me organize my thoughts.