All right, I’m a little late… But I was busy, well not that busy, But Thursday because Cowboy was sick, we could not go to his sister’s and eat with the relatives, like we had planned.

Well not that he was sick “contagious”, but not feeling well enough for the social things. He just wanted a quiet day at home.

So, that we would have a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, I went out Wednesday night and braved the shopping madness, bought everything I needed, and Thursday I cooked… Sweet Potato Pie, Small Turkey, Mashed potatoes, Green Bean Casserole, Bread, Not too much, but enough so it felt traditional.

Traditionally we give thanks on Thanksgiving, but in realty we do much better as persons if we practice gratitude for things that we have in our lives every day.

S in the next couple of days I will write about that.