I’m back from a weekend away… I went to help our friend Miss Vicky get caught up on her taxes, but I actually helped her get caught up with her bills.

She tends to pay her bills, but then forgets to mail the payment in, so in a month there is a new bill with a past due amount, naturally she remembers paying the bill, so she then makes herself a note to call to find out why they didn’t get the check… she just makes more work for herself, and everything is late. Anyway I helped her get that all figured out.

I also helped pull some receipts out of her files, to give to her tax person, I hope she remembers. I rubber-banned them together and then put a big note on them ” GIVE TO ”

She is used to doing all that stuff herself, and she is very meticulous, her problem is that she tends to get stuck on the first one, but once she writes one check then it all comes back to her and she gets everything done just fine, it’s those bumps in the road that knocks her off course, and when you think about it, that happens to all of us.

And that is what happens in life, after we hit a bump in the road, how easy is it for us to get back on the that road? Some of us have been down some bumpy roads, and we deal easily with the bumps, others down a road that doesn’t have many bumps at all, and the first major bump we get too, knocks us way off course.

Anyway, I’ hoping that when you get knocked off course by a bump in the road, that you take it in stride, and get back on your course