Yes, I finally had one…

Well I’m sure I have sex dreams, but I sure don’t remember them if I do.
I have pretty fantastic dreams, and I enjoy most of them so much that I would sleep a lot more if I didn’t have to go to work, or ride a bike, or eat….

But last night I had one, a sex dream that I do remember.

It was about a friend, well acquaintance, well he is a fellow rider, and he is also the minister of a sister church/center… well I’m a member of the United Centers for Spiritual Living, we used to be called The Church of Religious Science… long story… anyway first met Duane (Name has been changed) when he was giving the message on a Sunday morning, and then I met him on the ride from SF to LA, been talking to him about 10 times a year. no big deal.

Last night he was at my Center (Santa Rosa) for a meeting, and I saw him and said hello, well he had been on a major diet, said he didn’t like the way he looked naked.

well he looked just fine, maybe a little skinny for my taste, but he did have his clothes on. But his ass looked mighty fine.

Well back to the dream… We were dating, Duane lived in a trailer for some reason, it was very nice.

In the dream we were having sex, I had just entered him, when we were interrupted, by someone knocking on the door, and the door wasn’t locked, so they just came on in, so we pulled our clothes back on, and went to look for a dog.

Duane said, just wait here, Ill be back, don’t go anywhere, well every time he got back, someone else would knock on the door and Duane would go off again somewhere.

I kept trying to fall back asleep, because I wanted to get back to the dream and get some more sex, but life and works calls.