In order to treat my depression, I have found that giving to others is the best cure for me,  so on June 6th 2010, I’m off on another bicycle ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles.

I do this to raise money for the San Francisco AIDS Foundation, the leading provider of AIDS services in the Bay Area. The money we raise will allow the San Francisco AIDS Foundation to continue to provide vital AIDS services and support needle exchange programs though out the Bay to help stop the spread of HIV and AIDS.

Proceeds will also fund the Pangaea Fund, a new initiative to support vaccine preparedness and HIV Treatment access in the developing world.

Although a lot of progress has been made, the AIDS epidemic is far from over. I wish with all my heart that there were a cure.

Until there is a cure we must keep looking and help protect those who are at risk for getting HIV. And the people at the San Francisco AIDS Foundation are just the people to do that. I am asking for your support. Any donation you can make to help me meet my goal would be most appreciated.

To to make a donation on my behalf, you can visit my AIDS Lifecycle web site at;

As you can imagine, I’m spending my evenings nursing my sore legs and downing my ibuprofen. But I’m also thanking my lucky stars for being blessed with supportive family and friends such as you.

Sincerely, Matthew

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