Naïve, I was so naïve, I had just joined the Army and I weighed like 115 lbs. I was lost and confused, but no matter, it was all a big adventure.

I soon learned that the most important thing was not to bring yourself to the attention of the drill sergeants.

We all slept in a big room, and the latrine (not bathroom) it had no doors on the toilet stalls, I learned to take of my business fast and always tried to hold it until I was there by myself.

The only thing I liked about this period was the communal shower, but I was so naïve, that I was only thing I was concerned about was not measuring up, so to speak.

This time was so confusing to me, I’m sure I made friends, but I don’t remember any of them, but I do remember that there were a few guys that I thought were hunky, but most of us were too thin, or overweight. We mainly tried to just keep under the radar, tried to get our bunks made properly, and our lockers the way the drill sergeant preferred.

The only real lasting impression I have was that I had a Drill sergeant that used to say “ I’ Kill You” His nephew was in the platoon, and he used to ride his ass something terrible, but his nephew never complained.

I did have some trouble getting my marksman badge, and I was afraid that I was going to have to repeat basic training, but once I relaxed and learned to breath at the proper moment, I earned an excellent marksman’s badge to pin on my chest.

When I graduated from basic training, I got to go home for the weekend, and then after that it was off to Fort Bliss, which is in El Paso Texas for Advanced Individual Training or AIT

All of the people heading to Fort Bliss from Fort Ord were put on a plane that then flew to Los Angeles. (My very first time on an airplane) We were late and were going to miss our flight to El Paso, so they called ahead and escorted the twenty of us in uniform to our plane. I felt so important.

It was an uneventful flight to Texas, and somehow someway we got to the base, and then to our barracks. Somewhere along the line I remember some marines (I’m sure they were just out of basic too) mistook us for officers, for they all stood up and saluted us.

The next day, was some kind of orientation, we were now dressed in our fatigues, which is our everyday work gear. We got assigned to squads, and platoons.

I think I weighed about 130 lbs at this point, and I used to ride my bicycle everywhere as a kid, so my legs and butt were pretty well developed, the rest of me was still pretty skinny though.

Well, this one guy would whistle every time I walked by. He’d say out loud, “Mighty fine, mighty fine”. After a couple of days he started getting louder, and say “ I’m going to get me some of that.” Well, his friends started whistling too, every time I walked by.

I didn’t know what to do.

Well one night, I was sleeping in my bunk, and he comes over to the bunk in his boxer shorts. His dick is hard as a rock and sticking out of his shorts.

He says to me. “Come on Baby, give me some of that fine ass” Well, I’m in the middle of a twenty man room, so I grab him by his arm and throw him out of the barracks onto the formation area. He never bothers me again, and no one else does either.

The funny thing is, He was a squad leader, he had his own room, if he had been discreet and used a little more finesse, I’m sure I would have given it up.

Oh, well.