I’m sitting here at Wendy’s having some Chili and Asian Style Buffalo Wings. I have had a cold for the last week, and am back at work, but not ready to get back to the gym.

I forgot to put a book in the car, so I’m sitting here looking at the back of the little placemat they put in your food tray. On the back they suggest that you have Family game night, and then they give you a few ideas, and that’s all fine, but I have no kids, so the games they suggest, we are not going to be playing, maybe when we get really older.

Also, on the back of this placemat, there is this silly game where they have this drawing, which has a thousand little drawing of animals, electrical tools, car planes, and whatever all jumbled up, upside down and sideways, and you are supposed to have a competition to see how can find the most of whatever they suggest that you find.

So I am sitting there by myself looking at this thing. Category “Things you can eat” so I see a picture of a cow, I think to myself, well I suppose you can eat a cow, but I don’t think of a cow as something you can eat, well not until after you butcher it, process it and all that stuff, so no, a cow is not something you eat.

Next up… a picture of a baby bottle, well you eat what in a baby bottle, but you don’t eat baby bottles, well okay I know technically it’s a drink, but I think they mean eat or drink.

So that one is a no, no eating of baby bottles, next up, a picture of a tomato, that one is a definite yes. I eat tomatoes.

Peaches, yes, oranges, yes, apples, yes, electric drills, no, fishbowls, no, tennis rackets no.

Next up, Salt and Pepper shakers, well one uses Salt and pepper to season your food, but one does not eat salt and Peppers shakers, so that’s a no.

Anyway that’s my day.