Till I leave to do roadie duties (Fine Dining) on ALC 9!

I am excited, though I will not be riding this year, I am still happy to helping out.

Last year I missed going on the ride because, I agreed (with my partner) not ride every 4th year, and my partner’s step-mom was in a car accident and was in the hospital for 3 months.

I was very depressed for months afterwards, though I did not know the reason why at the time.

This year I wanted to ride, and I trained to ride, but during my last ninety mile ride, I noticed that I was having a problem, I have an enlarged lymph node, right where the bicycle seat meets the road, so to speak. After seeing the Doctor, they told me to stay off the bicycle for 1 month.

I was resigned to not being on the ride, when my friends suggested (if I was interested) that they could get me assigned to roadie duties, if they made some calls, normally roadie duties are closed already.

Though I am not that happy about being away from my cycling buddies, I’m glad that I am able to help out on the ride in some way.