I am back from ALC9 signed up for ALC10; yes I’m going to do it again.

The most interesting thing to me about ALC, is that for 1 week it is a community that is community of people who put down their egos and just love each other.

That is what makes the ALC such a thing that one needs to do over and over. Yes, it is hard work for both Rider & Roadie, and I can tell you as a roadie this year that being a roadie is hard work. It is funny what people will say is too hard for them to do.

I worked the Positive Pedalers Tent & Dedication Tent this year, I was responsible for setting them up and coming up with a theme for Dedication Tent.

The Dedication Tent is mostly set up and tear down and then check once in awhile to make sure the wind hasn’t blown too much of the stuff around. There are banners that are for people to sign and make dedications to people that they have lost to AIDS.

The ones that touched me the most are from fathers to their sons, or sons to their fathers.

There are a few bitter ones as well, where someone was infected, because their partner did not tell them that they were infected. I suppose that years ago that might be true, but these days one must take responsibility for oneself.

I cried a few times, but I cried the most when some father came up to me and told me that we had saved his son’s life.

In the showers I was talking to another roadie who was working Moto (Motorcycles for directions and safety) this year, but had worked as truck & gear in years earlier, he said the only job that would be too hard for him was dedication tent. It was an interesting perspective to me.

Being in the Dedication Tent, one mostly leaves people to their own thoughts, but being in the Positive Pedaler’s Tent, that is where people come to share their stories, connect with other people, hang out, etc.

(Positive Pedaler’s Tent is set up to provide support to people who are positive, and people who are negative but supportive of the positive people, come by to lend an ear or show their support.)

So I tear down the tents each morning and set it back up at the new camp, and usually man it until 9 pm. The dedication tent I just check in on it once in awhile. I usually have to wait for my tents to be delivered so I help Info Service and the camp store get set up. That was my days at ALC9