Thursday mornings are always a bit busy for me, as this is the day I do payroll, my boss takes Fridays off and he is always in a bit of a rush, trying to get everything done that he didn’t do during the rest of the week, this only serves to add to the mania, so I gently remind him to just take a breath, and remind him it is just work.

He gets a bit crazy over the computer as well, he is one of those that pushes the button once or twenty times, trying to make it hurry up, not realizing that only serves to confuse the poor thing.

We try to tease him about it in an easy way, but sometimes, I just walk away, He hates changes, so he won’t use the same email program as I do (which filters and sorts). But the funny part is that he loves new technology, cell phones, large format printers, GPS, etc. he was the driving force to computerize this place, but he just doesn’t like changes to what he knows (as when then update the program and alt + m does something different than it used to).

I suppose he is kind of cute, but I’m not attracted to him at all. He constantly has woman problems, new girlfriend every other year, we tease him and tell him he should hook up with a man. He jokes with me a lot, like asking me what color purple this is, I tell him dark or light purple, that cracks him up, he thinks that as a gay man, I should say things like pomegranate or eggplant.

My days is pretty much filled with listening to M—- and P— bicker about something, usually like that the computer should do this but doesn’t, or why is that going faster, I pretty much tune most of it out.

Tomorrow is heavy work out day at the gym, and I can get back on the bike.

My Step-mom is in the hospital, she has an infection that is not going away as fast as she would like, so they admitted her to drain the breast (she had a double mastectomy). I think my dad is a little worried, so I don’t know when I will be down to visit them yet, but it should be pretty soon.