My day is just going fine, my allergies have me on the run a little bit, but IM trying to not change to the more effective but more expensive Sudafed, I also hate to fill out the forms (well actually it a mini questionnaire) each time one buys a package of Sudafed. My other problem with Sudafed, is that I don’t need very much of it, so the normal dose might be 2 pills every 6 hours, I only need 1 every 12 unless my allergies are really bad then I need to take another pill, which then pushes me over into the too much allergy medicine in my body zone. Hate that too.

Back to the gym, kicking up the workouts, so I get bigger muscles, but
also going to keep up with the cardio, it really helps with the cycling
in the long run.

Last night, I made for dinner, the Bacon and Swiss Chard Pasta, I know it
was a bit on the hot side for making a dinner like that, but I just
opened all the windows, and cooked in my underwear