Last night was pizza night, but we didn’t go out, we instead got one of the Di Giorno Brands pizzas, and then we tried one of those videos that show you how to do Yoga.

I tell you that shit is hard, lol, I suppose like all things one must practice to become perfect or anywhere approaching perfect. We only managed to do it for an half hour, but we did watch the whole tape. It was titled “Yoga for Gay Men, better Sex thru Yoga” I thought they were at least going to be naked, no such luck, just little black shorts.

So, after the Yoga, we had our pizza, not the greatest pizza, it was the fire-roasted Red & yellow peppers, maybe we didn’t bake it right, we baked it on the our pizza stone, next time if there is a next time we will just do it on the oven rack.

I went to the gym yesterday, 40 minutes were cardio (I’m on the fat burning cycle), and then I worked my biceps a little , just enough so that they were a tiny bit sore today. I also started those damn pull-ups, I have to do those on the weight-assisted machine, I’m not strong enough to do those without help, I can do chin-ups without help, but the pull-ups effect my shoulder a bit, its just a wrong angle or something, so I will try to be careful until I get stronger.