I’m never in much of a mood to do things when I having bad allergies, this year is the worst I had in quite a while, but I haven’t broken out the Sudafed yet, maybe I should just do that.

Saturday, I had coffee with one of my cycling buddies (after I got up and washed both cars), he wants to develop friends that he can have coffee with when he is up here visiting his mom, (he lives in the city).

I wasn’t sure how I would feel about him as a friend, one he was always cruising me, two he talks a mile a minute. So after we got that worked out, we might be able to be friends.

Saturday afternoon we went to the sister-in-law’s house, she has a young man that she is sort of a foster parent for, he graduated and is going off to the Marines.

Sunday, we went to Church (Center for Spiritual Living), and then we stayed home until we went our friend’s house in Healdsburg, they bought a place that they are going to turn into a bed & breakfast. Nice house, nice pool, but still needs lots of yard work.

that was it