It was an interesting weekend, we were going to city and spend the weekend in the Castro, and we had rented a garden apartment, from a gentleman, who has a number of studios, which he rents out.

When we arrived, he informed us that the previous guests had not departed and that the only room he had available was a room on the top floor. It was a nice room, but the stairs to the room were very narrow and dark. Our dog is old and will not go up and down stairs anymore, and is even more anxious about dark stairs that she has a hard time seeing, now picking her up and carrying her is easy, but she does not like it when she can not see the stairs, and complains vocally about the situation, just little sounds like “Daddy, Im scared”.

It was a nice room, though it did not have a private bathroom, we would have to go back downstairs and use the one off the kitchen. It also had a rooftop garden that would be access through the window, to make it easier to access, it had stairs, these stairs were carpeted black, which our dog tried to get up, but I knew that she would have problems trying to get back in the room. I did take her on to the roof, she loves to look and see what ever she can see, so she enjoyed looking out over the rooftops, but I knew that we could not take that room, she would never be able to get up and down, she would be stuck in the room. So we declined.

We tried to get other accommodations, but naturally the other places that we had considered were no longer available, so home we went.

Once we got home, we unpacked, did a few chores, had dinner at our favorite Chinese restaurant, then went out to the River, we call it the River but you might know it as the Russian River, Guerneville, CA, Boystown West, headquarters for Lazy Bear Weekend. We went out for few drinks, met some people, and one of them was one of the tellers from the bank, where I bank at, that was surprising, joked with him quite a bit, had a good time, and then back home again.

The next day, Sunday we went back out to the River to get some pool time in, it was really crowded, but we finally found a place to sit down (only 1 chair), but had a good time anyway, I ran into some friends from the ride (the Ride is AIDSLifecycle) had another nice day and then went back home again.

That was my weekend.