A long time ago in a land that, well a place that is on the RIDE, a young Prince and his princess were having their first child, they named this child Monte.

A couple of years later, they had another child, this one was a baby girl and they named her, Martha.

A couple of years after that they had another boy, this child they thought long and hard and thought, well why not continue with the M’s and so they decided to name this child Michael. After that the children were named Marvin, Mathew and Mildred.

Well, after that many kids, the Royal couple decided to part ways (that’s another story) and so the Prince lived in a big house on the hill (totally made up), now the prince was having a hard time taking care of all the little brats (the brat part-not made up), so the Queen came from her palace and helped the Prince take care of the kids, the King the Prince’s father was very busy running the kingdom, so he only came to help on weekends.

After awhile, the King said to his son the Prince, “ Son, it is time you find a princess to help you take care of the brats” So the Prince set off on a journey long and far and finally met a young princess in a bowling alley.

As luck would have it, her name was Modene (remember this story is about the names) So they were married, and the Queen and the King returned to their palace.

Years passed, and the Oldest Prince, met a young Princess, fell in love and got married, Her name was Margaret, (okay the story is starting to get old so I’ll cut to the chase)

They named their children Marcus and Melissa, Melissa married Mark, Mark and Melissa named their children Mason and Meia.

The Young Princess named Martha, “said call me Suzie, and I choose not to marry I shall just have a boy toy and his name is Raul”

The Young Prince Michael, “my life is my own and I shall try women for awhile, and then maybe men, but then he met a Prince named Phil and said forget the M thing” and he lived happily ever after.

The Young Prince Marvin married Socorro, but when signing the nuptial agreements the prince discovered her proper name was Maria.

The Young Princess Mildred, declared “I don’t want to be a princess”, and married a commoner named Gill and moved far away to place called Kansas or Nebraska, anyway it was far from the Land of Rainbows, and had twenty seven kids, (an exaggeration)

The Young Prince Mathew, looked all around and said to himself, “Men, that’s the life for me” and joined the army. (I’m trying to make this story shorter), but after a few years and many bumps in the road, and a few miles under his belt decided it was time to tell the Prince his father, that he was never going to marry a princess.

to be continued