Most people know that BLT stands for Bacon Lettuce & Tomato, ones does not need to usually explain that.

In the search for a perfect BLT one has to like the 3 major ingredients that that comprise a BLT, bacon, lettuce & tomato. I am not that fond of tomatoes, such as in eating by themselves, I believe that even in salads they need be in proper balance, but in other food such as hamburgers or sandwiches, if properly ripe and sliced they do have their place and add to the overall taste experience. But I usually have to tell people that I do not like tomatoes rather than explain to them how a tomato needs to perfectly ripe and sliced to the proper thickness.

The bacon should be crisp, and in a sufficient quantity to balance the other two major ingredients, I recommend that the Bacon should be meatier than fatty, and cooked until crisp, and I recommend 4 strips. I do love Bacon all by itself, so I preparing the BLT I always recommend that one cooks at least 8 strips so that one can choose the perfect 4 slices for your BLT, in my house the bacon will not go to waste.

The tomatoes should be red, ripe and sliced thin; depending on the size of the tomato I recommend two to three slices. Tomato lovers might want more, but the idea is to balance the three flavors to make a perfect BLT. Beefsteak tomatoes works for me here, never Roma on a BLT.

Lettuce needs to be crisp, I prefer Iceberg for a BLT, but Romaine will do if one has a need for a better lettuce, I recommend two slices of a crisp lettuce if the lettuce covers the entire slice of bread, the optimal is two thin layers of a crisp lettuce of whatever your choice might be.

I recommend that your bread of choice is toasted, the BLT is can be on white or wheat bread, but whatever your bread of choice it should not compete with the flavors of the BLT, rather they should be picked to compliment the BLT

To complete one’s BLT one needs to add condiments, a BLT that is dry only works if the
Tomato is very wet, but then your BLT is not balanced. So I recommend mayonnaise as the condiment of choice. Though I am a fan of mayonnaise, I recommend restraint in the case of a perfectly balance BLT. A slight swipe on both slices of bread is all that is recommended.