I love blonds, I really do something about them just tickles my fancy.

Today at the gym, there was a treat for me. Well okay it wasn’t a treat for me, but it was a treat for my eyes.

I was working on the chest machines , and I take a 60 count to rest between sets, and I looked up, and there in my gaze was this young man, anywhere between 28 and 36 I’d guess, probably on the younger side, well that’s what I thought until he lifted up his shirt and I saw his treasure trail.

I’m getting ahead of myself, anyway I looked up and I saw him in the free weight section taking off his outer jacket and that showed off his shoulder and arms. He wasn’t huge, just developed nicely, and not very tall, just a little shorter than me.

“Nice” I thought to myself, ” I hope he comes in here “.

I went back to working out and I looked for him, but he didn’t come into the room where I was, so after awhile I decided I’d better go to the other room, but just then he walked into the room that I was in.

He was working his chest on one of the cable machines, it was a nice chest , but when he worked his chest he was leaning into the cables and placing his legs in such a way that it showed off the curves of his ass. I was thoroughly enjoying the view.

I think he noticed me watching him, he did keep looking my way, but he didn’t smile, or hold his eyes too long or anything that would have set my gaydar off. But when I did get water, he looked me right in the eyes, and we nodded to each other.

Later in the locker room, he turned and looked at me as I left.