thats what you said… and I believed you, after all, you wrote emailed almost every day.

You asked me to visit when I was in your neck of the woods, and I did, we had a great time, or I thought we did.

But after awhile you stopped writing back as much, and the return emails stretched from a couple of days to a week.

I worried because you said your health wasn’t that great. But when we caught up with each other, you said that “well you still had headaches,not as bad, but you had been busy at work.”

When the return email stretched from a week to two, I had to admit that, well you were busy and I wasn’t going to be a big part of your life, not the every day life, but I though we were still going to be friends.

Now it has been 3 weeks, and you haven’t written back, I think that now, I have to admit, that I’m not going to be part of your life, that you will still think of me as a friend, but I’m not someone you call or write to.

I think I’m going to be a facebook friend, though you don’t do facebook, yes, you have an account but you only check it once a year.

One of those friends…

and next year when on the ride, and you see me, you will tell me how much you miss me and our talks…

I will nod and pretend that we are friends…