I was still stationed at Fort Lewis, but Dennis had been transferred, I was still friends with Gaylord, but it wasn’t the same.

Gaylord had always been in a different squad, and he was more Dennis’ friend than mine, besides it was Gaylord who got those kisses. Sometimes we move on, holding onto a friend only as long as we need them, or just because he was a friend of a friend, and when that friend is gone, the relationship changes.

Even though I was attracted to Dennis, (and despite the previous post) I wasn’t at that point where I knew I was gay, I just thought I was one of those guys who wasn’t interested in girls, men are just more attractive I thought.

I wasn’t a drinker, and I didn’t hang out with drinkers (well we were all still 18-20, and Washington’s drinking age was 21)

I didn’t think anything about not being interested in girls, I had friends who were into really fat girls, (he said you could poke anywhere, it didn’t matter) and friends who were onto really skinny girls and I had friends that you never heard them talk about girls at all, I just didn’t think about it.

I was an E-4 now, and I had my own group of privates to worry about. I wasn’t in charge technically, but you watched out for your own squad members, helping them out, showing them the ropes, trying not to let them get into to much trouble.

I had this young man in my squad; his last name was Arnold, in the service you tend to call each other by your last name. Arnold and I became buds, I wanted to tell you a story of how we had some sexual tension between us, but the truth is, I think I just liked him, he was just an easy presence, no drama, no hang ups, no getting on soap-box and preaching.

He was cute, light brown hair, and a scattering of freckles, a good build, not like Dennis, however I remember that he had wide shoulders. He had his own personality, well because he was his own man. He was a quiet man; nothing dramatic, simple tastes and we had lots of quiet times. I don’t even remember what we did most of the time, we just hung out.

He had a motorcycle; I think it was a Honda 250 or 350, something simple, nothing flashy. He loved to go for rides on it, and he loved to take me with him. I was still pretty nervous, because I thought he might take off like Dennis would, but he never did.

We just rode; we just rode wherever the road took us. For some reason, he didn’t like to use my name he liked calling me “Boss”.

“Hey Boss, let’s go for a ride”, he say after work. So if it weren’t raining very hard, we would throw on jackets and go for a ride, maybe to the pizza parlor, maybe to a lake.

I wished that it would have lasted longer, but duty called and I was transferred to Fort Bliss, Texas, to learn a new MOS, and then off to Germany.

Sure, we would use my car once in awhile, if it was gonna get rainy. But mostly we saved my car for when we had somewhere to go.

It was a simple time, one without worries, I was still young and I wasn’t worried about my not “dating girls” or my lack of interest.

I wasn’t at that point where I knew I was gay, I just thought I was one of those guys who wasn’t interested.