My Partner is dealing with putting his mom in assisted living, she has Alzheimer’s and well she can’t live by herself anymore.

We would move to her house, but it is too long to commute, and we both have jobs, and well to be honest, she needs more care than we can give.

We have no experience bathing a woman if she would even allow us that.

She has enough memory to know that she knows us, but she doesn’t quite get the relationships right. She thinks my partner is her Husband, and that he is my dad, though she remembers that I am not her son.

But what it all reminds me of is my dad… My dad went to assisted living a year ago, the same week this year, Ms Vick called the paramedics and took herself to the hospital because of chest pains. Once the doctors talked to her they said “this woman cannot live by herself anymore”

Well, we we very lucky in that my dad checked himself into assisted living, he was the one who said he can’t live by himself.

We were also very lucky in that, My brothers and I were able to share the burden of the decisions that needed to be made and the work that needed to be done. I am very thankful to my brothers for all that they did, and I feel so blessed that I had them to share this difficult time with.

When I talk to my partner about what he is dealing with I try to remember that, and I try to be supportive in any way that that I can.