[December 2008]

1. This is my private blog, my family or my partner do not know about this one.
2. I was born in Salinas California.
3. I was in the local newspaper when I was born.
4. All my brothers and sisters start their names with M.
5. My brother’s wives names also start with M.
6. My nieces and nephews names start with M.
7. My niece’s husband’s name starts with M.
8. Their kid’s name starts with M.
9. I secretly think I should talk my partner into changing his name to start with M.
10. I’m more of a thinker than a talker.
11. My first sexual experience was, with a girl when I was 19.
12. I was thinking about my best friend’s butt the whole time.
13. But I didn’t think I was gay.
14. After I had an accident while checking out a guy’s butt, I thought it was time to admit I might be gay.
15. Tight white shorts will make me turn my head.
16. I always check out butts on guys in the gym, the shower, and the store.
17. My first sexual experience with a guy was when I was 24.
18. It was a disaster.
19. The next day I went back again to the same bar, met somebody new.
20. My second time was great!, and “it” happened four times.
21. I’m usually very size oriented.
22. If you’re taller, you’re the pitcher (most of the time).
23. I have had what I call 5 lovers.
24. Though I constantly think of writing a book, I’ve never written more than 1 page.
25. Because I have no plot.
26. Toilet paper: If there is a roll, that is good.
27. All that other discussion about over the top or not is “control issues”.
28. I say I don’t like tomatoes, but actually I need them to be sliced paper-thin and ripe, no stems.
29. Please be on-time.
30. Because I worry, and imagine all sorts of accidents.
31. Better to be late than to cancel at the last minute.
32. Because I already cooked and spent the money.
33. I like music you can sing along to.
34. Absolutely no rap and hip-hop, but opera I’m not sure.
35. The only songs I know by heart are Christmas songs.
36. My favorite book is Earth Abides by George R. Stewart.
37. I will read anything, newspapers, magazines, cereal boxes.
38. My favorite magazine is National Geographic.
39. I do not have a subscription (yet).
40. Prefer dogs over people. Seriously.
41. I like cats, but I don’t trust them.
42. I think dogs understand more than we think.
43. My favorite bird is a hummingbird.
44. I love romantic comedies.
45. I will go to a movie alone.
46. I cry during sad movies.
47. TV shows.
48. and at the drop of a hat.
49. I like wearing hats.
50. I like my cowboy hat the best.
52. I think it is stupid when I wear my cowboy hat without my boots.
53. I think it is stupid to wear cowboy boots with shorts.
54. Construction boots with shorts are okay.
55. My favorite food is pizza.
56. My favorite vegetable is corn, er carrots, er corn.
57. My favorite candy has nuts in them.
58. preferably almonds.
59. I don’t eat enough nuts.
60. Think about it.
61. I don’t care where I go on vacation, as long as there is a gay bar.
62. I hate it when I’m the most attractive person in the bar.
63. Because I don’t think I’m that attractive.
64. Cocktails at bars, martinis or wine at dinner, but beer makes me pee too much.
65. and beer makes my hands too cold.
66. which is why I wear gloves when I drink beer.
67. but it does not look odd, since I’m in full leather.
68. There are no leather bars where I live.
69. I become bored w/people easily, especially at work.
70. Some of my co-workers I find very annoying.
71. I hate know-it-all’s, especially when they have no idea what they are talking about.
72. I never did pick a career.
73. If I picked a different career, I’d be an architect.
74. or a landscape designer.
75. I’ve had a three way relationship.
76. It did not work out.
77. But I think they can work with the right people.
78. I’m not a jealous person.
79. Well, not anymore.
80. I don’t like to listen to gossip, and don’t repeat it.
81. Maybe because I forget it as soon as it is told to me.
82. I think 100 things lists are stupid.
83. but I hate being left out.
84. Hate the sound flip-flops make, even when I wear them.
85. I was in the Army for 8 years.
86. I loved it for the first 7.
87. I started to hate it when it became “who you played poker with” rather than how you did your job.
88. My first lover was in the Air Force.
89. I like going to gay bars.
90. But I tend to clench my teeth the whole time.
91. My first real job was at a Spanish radio station.
92. I was fired from my second job after 1 day.
93. I’ve had six jobs.
94. My fourth job, lasted 22 years.
95. I hate my hairy ass.
96. I keep it trimmed.
97. I feel much sexier, now that I keep it trimmed.
98. I gained 100 pounds in the Army.
99. I look much better than I used too.
100. I can’t believe this takes so long.