Three Brothers, all older

Three Sisters, Two older, one younger.

One of the sisters is my mom’s from another father, but my dad adopted her, so I am counting her as my sister. (even though her name does not start with M)

What does that mean you might think, well all of us kids names start with M – My oldest brother, his wife is another M, and they named their kids with names starting with M,, well it goes on and on.

I love all my brothers and sisters, though at times I do not always agree with them.

The oldest, is the step-sister, daughter of the woman I call my mom (stepmom#1), She was never in the same house that I was raised in so I don’t know her well. She married early, and is still married to the same guy. He is in Jail right now, and she quietly lives in a town outside the jail so she can be with him. She does not think he is guilty of the crime he was convicted of, but my dad thinks he is guilty of the crime. They don’t speak much anymore.

Next in line is one of brothers, he has a very nice wife and two kids, and a grandchild.

After that is a sister, married & divorced, she is very independent, and currently lives with a high-school flame.

After that is a brother, he lives south in Palm Springs, with his lover of many years, and they are very happy, I don’t get to visit them as often as I would like.

Then another brother, married and very happy, he is a cyclist by nature, and is very supportive of me. I love when they come to visit.

Then after me is a sister, she lives in Colorado.