It has been a slow morning for me, my allergies have really gotten bad since I got home, so last night I took too many allergy pills and I think I stayed away all night, or I dreamed that I was awake, I’m not sure.

Sleepless nights are not that rare for me, I usually don’t fall asleep before a big ride, I think I worry too much about getting there on time. But as I am used to it, I don’t worry about it much, I just try to well… wank one off, and get as much sleep as I can.

I did get back to the gym, not a hard workout, just some cardio, and pushups, I have been trying to do pushups every day at least fifty, I’m trying to get to a hundred a day.

I don’t want to be big, but I do want to be fit and look like it, well Ill just settle for my chest and back being bigger than my belly. I have the hardest time working my arms, I getting pretty good at chin-ups, though I didn’t do any of those today, I’m going to start doing pull-ups and chin-ups, the pull-ups are harder for me.

I can get back on the bike starting tomorrow, so I hope to go for a short ride.